Why You Should Be Using a Wacom Tablet | Emily McGonigle Photography

There are a lot of things to learn about the tools within Photoshop, but what about external, physical tools?

A lot of newer photographers aren't aware of an amazing device that not only allows you to get back to your elementary school roots of drawing with a pencil, but allows you to make the most of the software based tools found within Photoshop. What is this amazing device, you ask? I mean, did you not read the blog title? It's right in there...

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Skin Retouching Tutorial - Madi Clark | Emily McGonigle Retouch

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you my first ever, official instructional retouching video.

My friend, Matthew Simmons, and his model, Madi Clark, were gracious enough to allow me to use the image they created to teach you how I approach retouching this type of photo.

Watch the video to see how I approach healing blemishes, dodging and burning, and skin smoothing to end up with a clean, but natural, retouch.

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How To Find Your Photography and Editing Style | Emily McGonigle Retouch

I was online just the other day and I saw someone pose a question in a photography group: "How do I find my style?"

This is a question that not only have I asked in one point in time, but one that I often hear asked by newer photographers. The problem with this question is that there really *isn't* a straightforward answer to, and the response given to those asking is usually found to be unsatisfactory. The only real valid answer to the question of "how do I find my style" is: Hard work and time. That's the long and short of it. It's as simple as that. 

That being said, there *are* things that you can do to help get you to your end goal of finally nailing down *your* style, and that's what I'd like to go over today.

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Speed Retouch: Stray Hair Removal | Emily McGonigle Retouch

When I was culling images, trying to decide which one I wanted to post for the sneak peek, that photo immediately jumped out at me. Problem was, there was a decent amount of hair in Em's face due to the pretty strong breeze that day. The first thing I did was search for a similar photo that *didn't* have the hair in front of her face, because... why do all that retouching work, if you have the same photo *without* the hair, right?

Well it turns out, that particular image was the strongest of that pose, so I decided to go ahead and remove the hair from in front of Emily's face.

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