Fashion Portrait - Lauren Staub Pt. 2 | Emily McGonigle Retouching

[Reposed from Emily McGonigle Photography | Fashion Portrait - Lauren Staub Pt. 2 | Emily McGonigle Photography]

I got bored and decided to screen capture my retouching process of the last image. I chose that one specifically, because while I really liked that image, there was initially a large second of hair caught under Lauren's necklace that no one on set noticed for a few frames (Hey... we were really hyped up and excited to notice, okay? We caught it eventually. That's what matters, right?). If your'e curious to see what my retouching process looks like (speed up to 200%, haha), have a look at the video below!

I tried my best to label the various techniques and tools I used as I went along, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!



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